Advanced Setting

Here below a brief description of advanced setting.

Shadow atlas size: Resolution/ quality of shadow textures. Decrease for better performance, increase for less blocky shadows

Anisotropic filtering: Improve how textures look at steep angles/ remove artifacts

Shadows filter mode: Improve shadow smoothness

Msaa: Reduce aliasing (pixely edges of objects)

UI Blur: Blurred screen/ UI backgrounds. Turn off for better performance.

Fxaa: Reduce aliasing (pixely edges of objects)

Driving acceleration controls: Manual or automatic gas during racing

Driving steering controls: Control car by tilting the phone or with a steering wheel (touch)

Steering tilt sensitivity: How fast the car turns when applying steering

Swimming/ Flying: If buttons for manual up/ down movement should be shown when performing those actions

Debug mode: For development/ testing

Memory Optimization Threshold: At what amount of memory remaining objects should be unloaded to prevent crashes. Be careful with this setting, if you set it too low it could lead to the app crashing in complex realms!

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