What are quests?

Quests are fun interactive challenges in Realm that you can get started on right away. Quests allow players to earn rare items with unique in-game utilities while exploring realm worlds (or microverses) within the Realm Metaverse. When joining quests, you will interact with others and get social, receive clues from NPCs, and hunt for treasures and items that advance you to other challenges.

What are realms?

Realms are unique worlds (microverses) that live behind Realm portals. Some realms are connected directly by portals in land spaces that you’ll find when exploring the Realm Metropolis (a realm itself), while others called “free floating” realms are not directly accessed from Metropolis land spaces but may be searchable in the realm explorer or that might be accessed by a portal in another realm.

Realm Portals

Portals are powered transport devices that you’ll find in your journey that take you to other realms when you enter them. They are the primary way of getting around to explore different realms. Most realms will have a portal that take you back to the Metropolis which is the central city hub of the Realm Metaverse.

Quest tools

Quest tools are the menu for accessing all the quests that you have joined and where detailed information can be found for all quests that you have accepted or completed.


NPCs are “Non-Player Characters” that you’ll encounter in your quest journeys. Some of them provide essential clues or instructions for your quests, others that you encounter may not provide any information about a quest until the current quest that you are on involves that NPC. NPCs may also promote certain activities and inform you about events and special limited offers and promotions available from Realm partners.

How to start on quests?

In the Realm Metaverse Beta, find the Outpost realm and visit the Aviator NPC who will get you started on your first quest. Have fun!

Quest Markers

Quest markets help you navigate on your quest. Navigate can be turned on or off. When Navigate is turned on, you are in Navigating mode and quest markers with a directional arrow will appear in your world view that help you find the target of your quest.

Item Spawning

From time-to-time during your travels you will notice items spawn. You may collect these items. Many of them have essential features and properties that you’ll need to advance your journey. Sometimes what those items will do is a mystery for you to discover at a later time.

Collecting items

During your quests, you’ll encounter items that you can collect and use. Some may be required for a current quest, and others may be needed for future quests. When you get near a spawned item, a dialog will appear and allow you to pick up the item. An indicator will appear next to the Items Browser icon on your screen after you have picked up the item You can see your list of items and item details in the Items Browser.

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